one-on-one meetings so our time is focused on you, and the components of your application that most need to improve


Writing, test prep, choosing between offers or pre-flight nerves - I'm here to help

total support
"best fit" emphasis

choosing schools based on your personality, interests, strengths, and plans

developing 'the list'

safety, reach, match schools - you need them all

success requires strategies, good exam timing, and a long-term schedule (that you stick to)

standardized tests
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I am a tutor, teacher, and admissions counselor specializing in helping students earn acceptance to American colleges and universities. I’m located in Hanoi, Vietnam – but I work remotely with students in other Vietnamese cities and in other countries around the world. My focus is on helping you achieve your academic dreams by carefully planning the many foundational steps that lead to it. Though it seems like a mammoth task, I’m here to work through each step with you, and to help you achieve optimal results.