You have always been a role model in my mind: you’re diligent and driven in your career; you’re funny and easy-going with your students, but serious when it comes to work; and you’re beautiful as well! And now you are one of my favorite teachers, for supporting during the hardest choice in my education.


However, the truly important thing is that now I’m able to apply your writing lessons into real creative writing. When I first came to your class, I was a nervous student who had only studied English for months and didn’t even know how to describe in English. And I never thought I could achieve this far. Never. A public university with my intended major that my family could afford… I had never thought I could make this dream come true. But it’s real now. I’m even able to write my own short story “just for fun” under no pressure of application, in your last writing course. My achievement has you as an inspiring role model not only because you’re the person that I look up to, but also because you really know how to cheer your students up when they need. Just a few of your compliments motivate student to strive, and inspire them to work. That is, actually, the best part of your teaching. I always feel comfortable in your class. And I can see all of your students love you.

― Vuong